TIP 5 Project, TIP 7 Project and TIP 8 Project

REIT manager appoints Ngarn Somboon Company Limited, an affiliate of TIP Holding Company Limited ("TIP"), to be the Property Manager for TIP 5 Project, TIP 7 Project, and TIP 8 Project.

TIP and its affiliate have extensive experiences in developing and managing premium warehouses for rent and ready-built factories for 22 years. At present, TIP has developed 9 industrial property projects with total area of approximately over 800,000 sq.m. TIP projects are located in strategic location near Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport, where it is easily accessible from the downtown area, the Eastern Seaboard, and major industrial estates in the vicinity.

TIP has an in-house engineer and construction team with more than 300 experts who have long experience in industrial property development. Premium warehouses and factories are built with high quality materials and excellent construction system. Accordingly, TIP has gained trustworthiness from well-established tenants who are industry leaders in Thailand and abroad.

TIP also has professional marketing experts and management team to provide comprehensive consultation and services in order to facilitate a smooth and efficient operation for tenants. These competitive advantages create a long-term relationship with tenants and help maintain sustainable rent fee and occupancy rate.

SCC Project

REIT Manager appoints Siam Chemical Public Company Limited to be the Property Manager of SCC Project.

The Siam Chemical Public Company Limited ("SCC") was established in 1959, who is the expertise and have long experience in solvents industry more than 50 years cause SCC to be leader solvents industry. SCC has grown continually and extended its business to liquid tank farm services to be the largest in Chao Praya River and also focus on research and develop its product to high standards as well as safety and environment management. In addition, the competitive advantages of SCC project is located on Suk Sawat Road, Samut Prakarn in a logistics and transportation advantage, as located on adjacent to Chao Praya River, SCC has long-term customer relationship from its standard services provide to customer.

BIP Project

REIT Manager appoints Bangkadi Industrial Park Company Limited to be the Property Manager of BIP Project.

Bangkadi Industrial Park Limited who is industrial property developer and land allocation management more than 30 years. Premium warehouses in Bangkadi Project ("BIP") are built with high quality and standard. BIP has invested in the high standard flood protection construction which has gained trustworthiness from customers. BIP is located on Tiwanon Road, Pathumthani with the closest proximity to Bangkok and Don Mueang International Airport, one of a key logistics hub.

CHEWA Project

REIT Manager appoints Chewathai Public Company Limited to be the Property Manager of CHEWA Project.

As Chewathai Public Company Limited has a long experience in real estate business and has more than 8 years of experience in managing prefabricated factories for rent, Chewathai PCL. has a good understanding and knowledge in property management, together with the team who has a closed relationship to the tenants, enabling them to meet the needs of the tenants efficiently. This ensures the confidence to the tenants for a period of time.

JWD Navanakorn Project

REIT Manager appoints Benjaporn Land Company Limited to be the Property Manager of JWD Navanakorn Project.

Benjaporn Land Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 with a long experience in the real estate management business. Benjaporn Land Co., Ltd. can provide a full range of services such as real estate management with full facilities, security systems management, building inspection services, etc. With experience and expertise in property management, Benjaporn land Co., Ltd will be able to take care and provide services to tenants continuously and efficiently.

Thai Taffeta Project

REIT Manager appoints Thai Taffeta Company Limited to be the Property Manager of Thai Taffeta Project.

As a property manager, Thai Taffeta Company Limited was established on June 25th, 1987 and was renowned as a world-class textile manufacturer with an efficient management through a Lean Manufacturing system. Located near Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate as a strategic location, Thai Taffeta Co., Ltd. has built warehouses for rent since 2018 to respond to high demand of warehouse rental from entrepreneurs who manufacture products from Map Ta Phut and stock products in warehouse before their distributions.

MS Warehouse Project

REIT Manager appoints Monta & Associates Co., Ltd. to be the Property Manager of MS Warehouse Project.

Monta & Associates was established in 2012 as a management company and was the owner of MS Warehouse project before selling to 2 Tiger Prop. It continues to provide management services as a property manager of 2 Tiger Prop for MS Warehouse project since 2015. Therefore, Monta & Associates has long experiences in managing MS Warehouse for more than 15 years.

Living and Facilities Project

REIT Manager appoints Pinthong Industrial Park Public Company Limited to be the Property Manager of Living and Facilities Project.

As a property manager, Pinthong Industrial Park Public Co., Ltd. has been established since May 4th, 1995, accumulating over 25 years of experience in developing and managing real estates, specifically, factories and warehouses. Their facilities include common areas equipped with utility services for the convenience of the tenants in conducting their businesses. Furthermore, the company has experience in offering consultation services for tenants and giving advices at a timely manner which helps the tenants to smoothly run business operations.