AIM REIT Management Company Limited

Established on 15 July 2016, AIM REIT Management Company Limited, is the first independent Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) management firm, guided by a strong belief that the independent REIT management platform can create the new era of the real estate industry by being the asset monetization platform for developers, which is considered to be one of the best alternative investment to generate stable return for investors.

Our REIT Management license was granted by Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand (SEC) on 26 January 2017.

Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Submit an application of public offering with SEC
    2. Determine REIT investment strategies and operation plan
    3. Invest and seek benefits from property
    4. Manage REIT in accordance to the trust deed and relevant codes
    5. Calculate and disclose asset investment value and value of trust unit
    6. Monitor and maintain property in suitable condition
    7. Determine dividend payment
    8. Organize annual unitholders meeting and any meeting requested by unitholders